“The Use of the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel Resulted in Significantly Less Blood Loss and Transfusions than Aquamantys Bipolar Sealer.”

Efficacy of Hybrid Plasma Scalpel in Reducing Blood Loss and Transfusions in Direct Anterior Total Hip Arhtroplasty
George N. Guild, III, MD1, Robert P. Runner, MD, Gina M.Castilleja, RN, Melissa J. Smith, MS, ATC, CatPhuong L. Vu, BA
September 2016


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  1. Characterization of Plasma Parameters and Tissue Injury Produced by Plasma Electrosurgical Systems
    Jerome Canady, M.D., Alexey Shashurin, Ph.D., Kimberly Wiley, M.D., Nathaniel Fisch, PhD. Michael Keidar, PhD
    Pages 279-289 DOI: 10.1615/PlasmaMed.2014011979
  2. Based on USMI records, internal data and doctors’ observations
  3. Based on doctor’s personal experience and data

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