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Efficacy of Hybrid Plasma Scalpel in Reducing Blood Loss and Transfusions in Direct Anterior Total Hip Arhtroplasty
George N. Guild, III, MD1, Robert P. Runner, MD, Gina M.Castilleja, RN, Melissa J. Smith, MS, ATC, CatPhuong L. Vu, BA
September 2016


Electric Discharge During Electrosurgery
Alexey Shashurin, David Scott, Taisen Zhuang, Jerome Canady, Isak I. Beilis & Michael Keidar
April 2015


Controlling Plasma Stimulated Media in Cancer Treatment Application
Dayun Yan, Jonathan H. Sherman, Xiaoqian Cheng,
Edward Ratovitski, Jerome Canady, and Michael Keidar
December 2014

Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Selectively Targets Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
Rafael Guerrero-Preston, Takenori Ogawa, Mamoru Uemura,
Gary Shumulinsky, Blanca L. Valle, Francesca Pirini, Rajani Ravi,
David Sidransky, Michael Keidar, Barry Trink
October 2014

Anti-Cancer Therapies of 21st Century: Novel Approach to Treat Human Cancers Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma
Edward A. Ratovitski, Xiaoqian Cheng, Dayun Yan, Barry Trink,
Jonathan H. Sherman, Jerome Canady, Michael Keidar
September 2014

Synergistic Effect of Gold Nanoparticles and Cold Plasma on Glioblastoma Cancer Therapy
Xiaoqian Cheng, William Murphy, Nina Recek,
Dayun Yan, Uros Cvelbar, Alenka Vesel, Miran Mozetič,
Jerome Canady, Michael Keidar, Jonathan H Sherman
July 2014

Cold atmospheric plasma treatment selectively targets head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells
Rafael Guerrero-Preston, Takenori Ogawa, Mamoru Uemura,
Gary Shumulinsky, Blanca L Valle, Francesca Pirini, Rajani Ravi,
David Sidransky, Michael Keidar, Barry Trink
June 2014

The Effect of Tuning Cold Plasma Composition on Glioblastoma Cell Viability
Xiaoqian Cheng, Jonathan Sherman, William Murphy,
Edward Ratovitski, Jerome Canady, Michael Keidar
May 2014

Temporal Evolution of the Discharge in U.S. Medical Innovations Electrosurgical System SS-200E/Argon-2
David Scott, Alexey Shashurin, Jerome Canady, and Michael Keidar
April 2014


Characterization of Plasma Parameters and Tissue Injury Produced by Plasma Electrosurgical Systems
Jerome Canady, A. Shashurin, K. Wiley, N.J. Fisch, M. Keidar
November 2013

Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Selectively Ablating Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells
Mian Wang, Benjamin Holmes, Xiaoqian Cheng,
Wei Zhu, Michael Keidar, Lijie Grace Zhang
September 2013

Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Cancer Therapy
Michael Keidar, Alex Shashurin, Olga Volotskova,
Mary Ann Stepp, Priya Srinivasan et al
April 2013

Plasma Engineering: Applications from Aerospace to Bio and Nanotechnology
Michael Keidar, Isak Beilis
March 2013


Integrin Activation by a Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet
Olga Volotskova, Mary Ann Stepp, Michael Keidar
May 2012


Cold Plasma Selectivity and The Possibility of a Paradigm Shift in Cancer Therapy
M Keidar, R Walk, A Shashurin, P Srinivasan, A Sandler,
S Dasgupta, R Ravi, R Guerrero-Preston
October 2011

Plasma-Controlled Cell Migration: Localization of Cold Plasma–Cell Interaction Region
O. Volotskova, A. Shashurin, M. A. Stepp, S. Pal-Ghosh, M. Keidar
November 2011

Plasmas meet nanoparticles—where synergies can advance the frontier of medicine
M G Kong, M Keidar, K Ostrikov
April 2011

Argon Plasma Coagulation and the Future Applications for Dual-Mode Endoscopic Probes

Jerome Canady, M.D., Kimberly Wiley, M.D., Biagio Ravo, M.D.
Rev Gastroenterol Disord. 2006 Winter; 6(1):1-12

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